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Extended Reality

Unleashing Imagination's Playground

Step into a world where reality dances with fantasy, where boundaries are mere suggestions. Extended Reality (XR), the magical portal that beckons, merges the tangible and the digital into an enchanting tapestry of limitless possibilities. As an esteemed Extended Reality Company in Dubai, we specialize in crafting experiences that transcend the ordinary. XR is the canvas upon which imagination paints its boldest strokes, weaving a tapestry that captivates, enchants, and transcends.

In this era of perpetual technological evolution, transformation is the only constant. We have witnessed the metamorphosis of how we work, communicate, entertain, educate, and coexist. With the advent of Extended Reality technologies, the boundaries of human experience and the horizons of creative expression have been redrawn.

Extended Reality is not a single entity but a tapestry of realities, a symphony of Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR), and Mixed Reality (MR). It empowers individuals to shape their own reality, seamlessly integrating the digital with the physical, fostering experiences that stretch the boundaries of engagement. As an Extended Reality Company in Dubai, we understand the dynamic landscape of immersive technologies. Our commitment is to push the limits of innovation, creating unique and captivating XR experiences that transcend conventional boundaries.


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Experts To The Help


Our expertise extends far beyond mere scripts and storyboards; with our highly-skilled creative and technical team it further expands to motion graphics, animation, and visual effects, bringing you the best of the best.

Up With The Trends


Every day technology is taking a new turn, bringing innovation to life. And our notion is to be up to the minute with these technologies and incorporate the technologies into your projects so that you can become the front runners of tomorrow.

Originality is Our Mantra


People understand things better when they get to see the visualization of it. Your brand should be memorable to your target audience. Ortmor adds its own unique touch to all of the contents and helps your brand to be visually appealing to your target audience with our one-of-a-kind content and creatives.

Strategic Guidance and Insights


Choosing which kind of style goes the best for your brand can be confusing. Worry not, our in-house team of video strategists will always be there for you to provide data, insight, and content strategies allowing you to invest more confidently in us.

Achievements We Relish In


A Gold Awwwards award


A Gold Awwwards award


A Gold Awwwards award

A bespoke approach

Crafted by the Experts

The Roadmap To Crafting The Finest



The initial stage of our Extended Reality development journey is marked by a meticulous examination of the client's requirements. We engage in comprehensive discussions with the client, delving deep into their objectives and requirements. Every detail is carefully documented, ensuring that no element is overlooked. This diligent process allows us to craft a comprehensive scope that aligns precisely with the client's objectives. It outlines the objectives, features, and functionalities expected from the Extended Reality solution. This step ensures that from the outset, there is clarity and alignment between the client's vision and the project's direction.



Informed decision-making is a cornerstone of our Extended Reality service development process. To achieve this, our dedicated team conducts extensive market research. This research encompasses a comprehensive analysis of the competitive landscape, where we scrutinize competitors' offerings, identify gaps, and assess market trends. This meticulous research serves as the bedrock upon which the XR experience is constructed. It enables us to make data-driven decisions, ensuring that our solution remains relevant, competitive, and aligned with the evolving expectations of the target audience.


Flow Creation &

Building upon the insights gathered during the research phase, we embark on the creation of a structured plan for XR development. This plan serves as a blueprint for the entire project, outlining the sequence of activities, key milestones, and project timelines. Simultaneously, we embark on the design phase, where we meticulously craft the user interface (UI) and user experience (UX). Consistency in design is a key focus, ensuring that the user experience remains cohesive and intuitive.


Development &

With the project plan and designs in place, the XR application takes shape through a rigorous development process. The development process adheres closely to technical specifications, ensuring that the final product aligns precisely with the defined requirements. Simultaneously, thorough testing is conducted to validate the application's functionality and reliability. This process is designed to eliminate errors, enhance operational efficiency, and verify compliance with technical standards. Our aim is to deliver a robust and dependable Extended Reality solution that meets the highest quality standards.


Deployment &

Upon the successful completion of development and comprehensive testing, the XR application is poised for deployment. The deployment process is meticulously executed, with a focus on precision and efficiency. Beyond deployment, our commitment extends to comprehensive support. We oversee installation procedures, ensuring that users can seamlessly access and utilize the XR application. Moreover, we provide user training and guidance, empowering users to make the most of the XR experience.


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