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Blow the mind of your audience with a visual feast crafted with the charms of Blow the mind of your audience with a visual feast crafted with the charms of projection mapping. As a leading Projection Mapping company in Dubai, we specialize in creating immersive experiences that transcend traditional boundaries. Create a brand story that steals the heart of the audience and elevates your brand image with our state-of-the-art projection mapping technology. Transform any surface into a canvas of possibilities and leave a lasting impression with the magic of our expertise. Let your brand shine like never before with the unparalleled creativity and precision offered by our team in Dubai.

Craft compelling brand stories with projection mapping and take your brand on a path to innovation. Projection mapping is a video projection technique on a surface or even water used as a canvas to create jaw-dropping displays and illusions.

Involving projection mapping technology is one of the best ways to attract more customers, retain customer attention and elevate the brand image.


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Experts To The Help


Our expertise extends far beyond mere scripts and storyboards; with our highly-skilled creative and technical team it further expands to motion graphics, animation, and visual effects, bringing you the best of the best.

Up With The Trends


Every day technology is taking a new turn, bringing innovation to life. And our notion is to be up to the minute with these technologies and incorporate the technologies into your projects so that you can become the front runners of tomorrow.

Originality is Our Mantra


People understand things better when they get to see the visualization of it. Your brand should be memorable to your target audience. Ortmor adds its own unique touch to all of the contents and helps your brand to be visually appealing to your target audience with our one-of-a-kind content and creatives.

Strategic Guidance and Insights


Choosing which kind of style goes the best for your brand can be confusing. Worry not, our in-house team of video strategists will always be there for you to provide data, insight, and content strategies allowing you to invest more confidently in us.

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A Gold Awwwards award


A Gold Awwwards award


A Gold Awwwards award

A bespoke approach

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The Roadmap To Crafting The Finest


Analysis & Research

Being a futuristic art, the stardom of projection mapping technology is constantly increasing. Our first step to creating our projection mapping services consists of noting all the client requirements, understanding what message needs to be communicated, and most importantly the canvas they have in the plan. As the next step, extensive research is conducted based on the requirements and ideas on how you can make the visuals look mind-blowing.



Transforming any surface into beautiful art worth every gaze is no easy task. As the first step of planning a brainstorming section is conducted to formulate ideas. Next, a well-crafted plan is created comprised of the lighting, level of brightness, pixel density, shadows, and metrics required for the project. Once created the plan is submitted to the clients for review and feedback.



For interactive projection mapping, the beauty is in its visuals. Upon the acceptance of the flow, the elements required for the project are selected and a storyboard is formulated. Based on the storyboard, the designs for the projection mapping templates are created, and animated, creating a concrete version of the story you are seeking to tell is created.


Testing &

Upon the completion of the design development, the final version of the project is tested on a staging environment to check for any changes, and adjustments to the content and projection are made if necessary, according to the alignment grid. Once complete, it is presented to the clients for feedback and suggestions.



After testing, it's time to set up the art for the event onsite. An alignment grid is used to ensure clean and seamless projections. Once the deployment is complete, the projection is tested out once again to decide if it requires any further changes before the showtime. As the final step, further support and assistance are given until the event is over.

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