Crafting Innovation
Through Technology

With the emerging technologies, electric supercars have become one of the fastest accelerating production vehicles in the world. The Electric Vehicle Innovation Summit (EVIS) is a 3-day event held in Abu Dhabi by ADNEC to bring together researchers, engineers, government officials, companies, EV related institutions from around the world. The Britishvolt is a pioneering battery technology developer working with leading strategic partners and suppliers to accelerate the electrification of the future.

At the EVIS technology event, Britishvolt together with Ortmor exhibited two of its invaluable possessions in the two most innovative ways. The event hosted about 500 people and all were mesmerized by the art put forth by Britishvolt. The sales team did an excellent job explaining each and every feature of the battery to each viewer with the help of Ortmor.


At the EVIS event, BritishVolt took each and everyone on a
technological expedition through the eyes of technology
leaving everyone feeling mesmerized by getting a glimpse
of what technology holds in the future.