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Reach out to your potential customers through targeted ads and sponsored listings to increase your revenue and flourish your business further. With Ortmor, a leading pay-per-click marketing agency in Dubai, you can create ads that are keyword specific and targeted to your potential customers that can drive traffic to your website.

Pay-Per-Click, PPC is a model of Paid advertising, where the advertiser only pays for the impressions or clicks received on their Ads. But why would you need PPC when you can reach your audience organically? The increased competition for keywords can often take away good opportunities for an SEO plan, thus stealing your chances to be a top-ranking website.

Our team of experts at Ortmor can help you increase the online visibility, lead conversion, and revenue for your business with our custom-created PPC campaigns. Thereby helping you to rank higher and attract your potential customers, improve brand awareness and gain an advantage over your competitors.


4 reasons to choose
Ortmor Agency?

Experts To The Help


Our expertise extends far beyond mere scripts and storyboards; with our highly-skilled creative and technical team it further expands to motion graphics, animation, and visual effects, bringing you the best of the best.

Up With The Trends


Every day technology is taking a new turn, bringing innovation to life. And our notion is to be up to the minute with these technologies and incorporate the technologies into your projects so that you can become the front runners of tomorrow.

Originality is Our Mantra


People understand things better when they get to see the visualization of it. Your brand should be memorable to your target audience. Ortmor adds its own unique touch to all of the contents and helps your brand to be visually appealing to your target audience with our one-of-a-kind content and creatives.

Strategic Guidance and Insights


Choosing which kind of style goes the best for your brand can be confusing. Worry not, our in-house team of video strategists will always be there for you to provide data, insight, and content strategies allowing you to invest more confidently in us.

Achievements We Relish In


A Gold Awwwards award


A Gold Awwwards award


A Gold Awwwards award

A bespoke approach

Crafted by the Experts

The Roadmap To Crafting The Finest


Extensive Research
On Your Business

The first step to creating a PPC campaign comprises thorough research on your business and competitors. Our dedicated manager will then collect your valuable information and will create the best strategy for your PPC campaign. We will also conduct thorough research on the targeted audience and the competitors.


Defining Goals
And Metrics

The ultimate goal of every PPC campaign would be to increase brand awareness, lead generation and improve sales. Our marketing strategist will then measure the progress of the goal and our dedicated account manager will then guide you throughout the detailed report, and you can clarify any doubts or share insight during this time.


Choosing The
Right Campaign

In this step, you will be able to choose from various types of PPC campaigns to reach out to more leads for your business. Our team of experts will closely work with you to determine the best PPC ad that works for you and help you promote your services to the right audience.


Ad Copy

The next part is to put all those knowledge and strategies into action and create the most creative and compelling content. We have our in-house expert who will help you develop the best content for your business and audience thus leading to high chances of conversions.


Performance Analysis
And Reporting

Through each and every step we will be keeping track of your performance and progress. At the end of every month, you will receive a detailed report of your business's online performance and progress. After analyzing the report of performance we will inform you about the performance and every step and solution for proceeding with a successful campaign.


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